9th Circuit Airlines to Start Flying Terrorists Into Country Tomorrow

SAN FRANCISCO – The crazy in this city is not confined to Nancy Pelosi. San Francisco will soon become the hub for America’s newest airline. 9th Circuit Airlines will begin flying refugees and terrorists from overseas into our country beginning immediately.

The airline will begin by servicing Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Syria, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen – with hopes of flying into and out of North Korea and Pakistan in coming weeks. Judges on the 9th Circuit of Appeals wanted to get the airline going as soon as they screwed the American people with their decision to strike down President Trump’s travel ban.

Travelers on 9th Circuit will only be permitted to carry on two kinds of explosives, and are urged to please wait until arriving on American soil before radicalizing. ISIS propaganda movies will be shown in-flight, and fliers will be supplied with brochures outlining where the best soft targets and gun-free zones are located around the country.

A spokesman for the airline said, “Our judges wanted to make it as easy as possible for the bad guys to get into the country. As you may have heard, some Washington university students might have been inconvenienced, and suffered irreparable harm by the travel ban. The loved ones of Americans potentially killed in a terrorist attack clearly suffer no such irreparable harm.”

The airline’s motto, “National Security Can Kiss Our Asses,” will be emblazoned on the sides of each plane in the fleet. They hope their customers enjoy their flights but, if they don’t, of course they’re always welcome to appeal to the 9th Circuit.



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