ABC Town Hall Shocker: Stephanopoulos Surprised To Learn Biden Has Children

NEW YORK – Democrat Joe Biden held a town hall event Thursday night. The show aired on ABC, with George Stephanopoulos running interference for the former vice president. Joe wore his mask and a softball uniform due to the lack of tough questions he would face.

Although Biden’s son, Hunter, is implicated with his dad in a Ukrainian corruption scandal, the presidential candidate was never asked about the growing scandal. The story has gone viral after mainstream media outlets tried to hide it from the American people.

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Stephanopoulos: Tell us briefly about your family life.

Biden: Well, everybody knows my lovely wife, Jill, who is a doctor. And then I have two sons and a…

Stephanopoulos: Wait a sec…you have children? For real?

Biden: Yes, two sons and a daughter, and…

Stephanop….: No sh*t?! I know you lived as a monk in a monastery between your days as a lifeguard and your time in Washington, so I assumed you were childless, but…

Biden: It’s true. My daughter Ashley is a hot mess, my son Beau served in the military but passed away 5 years ago, and my son Hunter is a crack addict who extorts money from foreign governments. He’s pretty good at it too.

Stephanop: Wow! I had no idea. They sound like fine, upstanding Americans.

Biden: Yes, I’m very proud of them and their accomplishments.

Stephanop: How did I not know that? The last question on my cards is something about the New York Post, emails, Biden’s, Ukraine, Facebook, Twitter and censorship. I have no idea what that’s even about, but we’re out of time anyway. Thank you, Mr. Vice President for gracing us with your presence tonight. And thank you to our town hall audience. Don’t forget to vote as many ways as you can get away with. Goodnight.


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  1. You see, we should rethink laws on forced sterilization on some cases.

  2. You are giving Stephanopoulos WAY too much credit for intelligence!

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