The Barbed Wire comes from a sarcastic, conservative guy from the great state of Texas. Proud to be an American, but love to make fun of the craziness in the world around us, which often includes making fun of those who lead our great country. In the Liberals’ Bible, Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals, rule #5 states, “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” Let’s take that weapon, turn it around, and use it on them!

The articles I write are my own and are strictly of a satirical nature that, while attempting to be funny, are sometimes aimed at highlighting blatant hypocrisy and/or making a point. If you enjoy your stay here, please tell a friend!

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  1. Anonymous

    Thank you for this awesome view of out upside down administration

  2. My favorite news blog of all. It took me a few minutes to find your new location. I was rattled though – I was under AC fire.

    1. E. Williams

      Thanks, buddy! Great to be back – just needed to give the old blog a makeover.

  3. Hey E. Williams, thanks for the follow. I think I shall return the favor as I feel right at home here with your topics,especially the make fun of Hillary ones…;)

    1. Happy to have you, Tricia! Thanks. And there is going to be so much to make fun of Hillary about that I gave her her very own category. I know she’s honored. LOL

      1. If anyone is worthy of it, Hillary certainly is!

  4. Greetings! I have nominated you, and you have won the Versatile Blogger Award as explained in the following link: https://thehabanerooftexas.wordpress.com/2015/05/13/the-habanero-of-texas-has-been-awarded-the-versatile-blogger-award/



    1. Thanks buddy! I’ve got it up on my blog now. I appreciate it!

  5. Your blog is looking great!

    1. Thanks buddy! I looked for yours the other day but couldn’t find it. Did you move it?

      1. Changed the address name. Thehabanerooftexas.wordpress.com and I am in the process of building the new site at thehabanerooftexas.com, but it’s not uploaded yet. Added your fb page to ours.

        1. Great, got it. Followed the blog, liked your FB page, and followed you on Twitter- both my personal @FedUp_amERICan and my @BWSatire page. Keep up the great work and thanks for the shout out on your page! I’ll do the same…

  6. Evil: send me any of your extra women….I love you too buy not in a gay way!!

    I’m captain america,, not the green hornet!!

    1. Sorry to hear that Cap, I thought we had a trip together to Memories Pizza in our future. LOL!

  7. Lynn, you’re a real sweetheart for saying that. I appreciate it. The satire world has long been dominated by the Left and I have to put these stories out there as my way to vent. I’m glad you enjoy them. Bring your friends here….the more the merrier!

  8. E. Williams, I love, adore and admire your wit. I have been hoping that Conservatives would start using satire to keep us sane. I am convinced that the Progressives want to keep us in a constant state of outrage, so we lose our focus. If we can laugh at their obsurd hypocrisy and mendacity (hat tip to Tennessee Williams), we can manage to stop the onslaught on our freedoms. Thank you, you have restored my faith that you, Greg Gutfeld, Michael Ramirez and others will keep us strong with your humor.

  9. I’m so glad you are here writing like you do! It’s a nice way to get a laugh, or just a chuckle (that keeps on going) when there is so much ugliness going on around us. And I love that you are from Texas!

    I hope that you are able to handle the cold that is going all the way down to Texas,, twice. I know that Texas isn’t prepared for snow (no plows, salt/sand, etc) so stay safe and warm!

    I totally enjoy your articles and I tell others about them! I can’t reblog them as people would think they are real! LOL

    God bless you, Texas-style!

    Rhonda aka nanarhonda

    1. You, my dear, are an Angel. Thanks for the kind words. I have a blast coming up with these, if I’m lucky, on a daily basis. You definitely have a lot of catching up to do! Ha!

      We’re handling the cold just fine, no wet stuff this time around so it’s all good!

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