Actress Jennifer Lawrence Starts Activism Career With #MyMiddleFinger

HOLLYWOOD – Actress Jennifer Lawrence has had it with you movie fans. She’s announced that she will be withholding her acting skills from the public until she’s finished beating you over the head with her progressive political views.

Her initial entry into political activism is a new movement she calls #MyMiddleFinger. It’s her way of bringing Americans closer together. And progressive celebrities like Lawrence fully understand the power of hashtag activism.


“#MyMiddleFinger is my way of connecting with the little people out there – especially those little bastards who voted for Trump,” she explained. “If people are confused about my brand of activism, they can stay tuned and #MyMiddleFinger will do my talking for me.”

Jennifer told her Twitter followers that “Love and #MyMiddleFinger Trumps Hate.” She also pointed out that if the stress of activism starts weighing her down, her acting skills have taught her how to just flip it off.

Lawrence explained that her political activism is a simple, two-pronged approach. “I just want to give people two things. First, my views on our leaders. Then, for those who don’t agree with my  views, I want to give them the finger. It’s so easy, even Chelsea Handler can understand it.”


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2 Thoughts to “Actress Jennifer Lawrence Starts Activism Career With #MyMiddleFinger

  1. Bonnie Hefenieder

    Personally, my dear, I don’t give a damn what you do.

  2. You know…you got me thinking. The world would be a much better place if all of these snowflake libs would just adopt hashtags and try and tweet everything instead of giving speeches, marching and protesting and taking up precious time on the evening news. I’d be all for Jennifer Lawrence’s campaign if they’d all agree to that. Then I can just continue to tune them out without getting rid of the stuff I enjoy!

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