After Excessive ‘Circling Back,’ Jen Psaki Diagnosed With Severe Vertigo

circling back

WASHINGTON – Biden spokesperson Jen Psaki has been diagnosed with severe vertigo after ‘circling back’ too many times. The lopsided redhead has started medication to help with the condition.

“Jen has ‘circled back’ so many times, it was inevitable that she would develop vertigo,” a White House doctor told reporters. “She presented saying she felt like her head was spinning. I told her she had to cut way down on ‘circling back’ or this was bound to happen.”

Psaki partly blamed her unbalanced hairstyle, which causes her head to tilt to one side most of the time, with exacerbating her symptoms.

CNN’s Jim Acosta said of Psaki’s manner, “Sometimes you feel like you’re talking to a dog when you ask her a question. Her head tilts as she’s listening, just like a dog does when it’s trying to figure something out. It can be very distracting.”

Acosta faced no backlash for his comments, which could be construed by some as demeaning to Jen, because he’s a Democrat.

The doctor said he’d urged Psaki to try using some other terms when being evasive in her answers. “I advised her to try using ‘double back,’ ‘retrace our steps,’ or even ‘hark back to’ as possible alternatives. Anything but the constant circling.”


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