After World Series, MLB Adopts ‘Open Carry’ Bat Rule For Home Runs


HOUSTON – In the wake of the Walgreen’s Nationals World Series win here, Major League Baseball (MLB) has adopted an open carry rule for batters who hit a home run. The new rule, known as the Bregman rule, will allow players to carry their bats with them all the way around the bases.

Astros third-baseman Alex Bregman explained why he started the trend during the Series. “You know, I realized I can’t hit home runs without my bat, but I’m the one who gets all the applause and glory after hitting one out. My bat just gets discarded like a piece of trash near home plate. That ain’t right.”

Nationals phenom Juan Soto, who, according to TV announcer Joe Buck, is apparently 21 years old, is a fan of the move by MLB. “I tried it and I liked it. Bregman is onto something here.” Unfortunately, Soto lost his grip and dropped his bat before rounding first following a recent home run in the Series. “Yeah, that was embarrassing.”

MLB official Joe Torre said the league will see how the rule is supported by the fans. “It’s something different,” he said. “If there is a positive response to the carry rule from fans, we may look at letting players carry their bats with them after any hit.”

“Can you imagine the exciting plays we’d have on the base paths if an infielder saw a runner sliding towards him with a baseball bat?” Torre continued. “I’d pay to see that! Plus, bats laying around are such a tripping hazard.”

“Yes, we have bat boys, but what if they’re staring at some hot chick in the stands? They’re not always going to be out there to retrieve a bat as quickly as they should.”

As of today, their are no set parameters for what a player can do with their bat while circling the bases. Some will simply carry their bats at their sides, but others may choose to wave them in the air or taunt opposing infielders as they run by.


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