Al Gore’s Latest Dire Predictions to Promote New Climate Movie

LOS ANGELES – In an effort to drum up curiosity for his An Inconvenient Truth sequel, self-appointed climate expert Al Gore gave an audience his latest predictions for our world over the next 5 years – if climate change does not immediately become the #1 priority for every nation on Earth.

“I’m not trying to scare you just to scare you,” Gore told a crowd at a recent climate conference here. “In my Inconvenient Truth sequel, you’ll realize that I should have made the movie Waterworld instead. If we don’t act, and I mean now, to stop the planet from warming, Earth will be covered in water and it will be hard to find land anywhere.

“People will develop gills behind their ears, just like Kevin Costner’s character in that movie. Sea monsters will terrorize those still alive. The dreaded Kraken monsters from the Clash of the Titans¬†movies will start popping up all over the world, terrorizing those on watercraft as they cruise along.

“Horrifying creatures such as sharktopuses and frankenfish, pirahnacondas and supergators, will feed on humans trying to survive on tattered boats and other floating debris. This may sound outrageous, but these creatures are real. I’ve seen them on the Sci Fi Channel.”

Gore dismissed criticism that his previous predictions have all spectacularly failed to materialize. And when an audience member asked what Gore’s timetable was for his newest guesses, he responded, “I’d say within 5 years. Definitely sometime during Trump’s second term. But if Democrats win in 2020, none of these terrible things will come to pass.”


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2 Thoughts to “Al Gore’s Latest Dire Predictions to Promote New Climate Movie

  1. Doesn’t Gore remind you of the guy that was predicting the end of the world…gives the date, his followers sell all of their belongings and then sit on some mountain top waiting for the Second Coming. Only it doesn’t happen. Then the guy says, “Oops. I made an error in my calculations. It’s really NEXT year that the world will end!” Yeah…that’s Gore!

    1. E. Williams

      Precisely. He’s a cult leader.

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