Alec Baldwin Arrested For Portraying Trump One Too Many Times

NEW YORK – Actor Alec Baldwin finally pushed his luck too far this week. He was busted by NYPD on Friday for impersonating President Trump one too many times. After beating the Trump-hating actor to a parking space, a man pointed out that Baldwin’s Trump impression had jumped the shark months ago. The actor reacted by angrily following, then punching, the stranger.

The man is in stable condition after witnessing Baldwin’s performance up close and personal. Alec has been charged with attacking the nation’s intelligence with his impersonation of the president.

A Saturday Night Live regular, Baldwin claims he was simply acting unhinged because he didn’t get a certain parking spot. However, police reports show that the actor knew he was playing with fire for making fun of Trump.

Baldwin’s mug shot

“I should’ve known better, I guess. Everybody who goes up against the guy loses in the end. I certainly can’t relate to his constant winning. So, I did what every good progressive does – I lashed out and used violence when I didn’t get my way.”

“Maybe it was karma?” Alec wondered aloud. “Maybe it’s because I pretended he pronounced it “Jina” instead of China, I don’t know. Obviously, I must’ve flown too close to the sun with my schtick.

Then again, maybe it’s just that I’m an a**hole with severe anger issues.”


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