Alt-Left Media: “Why Didn’t Trump Provide Live Hurricane Coverage Himself?”


NEW YORK – Members of the alt-left media are disgusted that President Trump didn’t volunteer to provide live coverage to the public as Hurricane Harvey made landfall Friday night. They said they would only be happy had the president put his own life in danger at the worst of the storm.

As high winds and flooding rains slammed the Texas coast, CNN’s Don Lemon told viewers, “If the president really cared for Texans, he would have put himself in harm’s way to give them the most accurate reports of deteriorating conditions on the ground. Because some victims of this storm will be blacks, this once again proves what a racist Mr. Trump is.”

Chris Hayes from MSNBC told his audience, “Having Weather Channel people and local reporters braving the worst of the storm, instead of sacrificing himself to do it, is a dereliction of duties by the president. Plus, who wouldn’t love to see what that hair of his does in 100 mph winds?”

Fox News Channel’s Juan Williams spun the situation this way: “We on the left are never going to be satisfied with this president, or anything he does, until he’s dead. This would have been a way to go out in a blaze of glory, and satisfy the media at the same time. I consider this another missed opportunity by this president.”

NBC’s Andrea Mitchell was equally unimpressed. “We would have never wanted President Obama to put himself at risk like that, because he was much too valuable to the country. But President Trump could have done the nation a real solid by reporting firsthand what it feels like to have the eye wall of a cat 4 hurricane pass over you while you’re standing in an open area, with no protection whatsoever.”

Some people are never going to be happy.


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3 Thoughts to “Alt-Left Media: “Why Didn’t Trump Provide Live Hurricane Coverage Himself?”

  1. Sorry Andrea…the only way Bobo would have gone to the hurricane and reported on it would have been if it had been on a golf course, and been named Hurricane Barack!

    1. E. Williams

      True. Barry considered golf courses historical landmarks, to be protected at all costs.

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