Americans Liken Kamala Harris 1-Hour Presidency To Getting A Colonoscopy


ALL 57 STATES – President Joe Biden had a colonoscopy today. That meant that for about an hour, while he was under general anesthesia, America’s worst nightmare came true. VP Kamala Harris briefly became president during his procedure. As he went under, doctors instructed Biden to say “Let’s Go, Brandon” backwards three times.

Harris became the first Indian-Jamaican, unlikeable female to ever hold the American presidency during a colonoscopy. It’s a monumental achievement for those who worship at the altar of identity politics. Democrats should be very proud.

Ironically though, most Americans described her brief tenure as president as “worse than getting a colonoscopy.” Like everything else, Joe Biden says he can’t remember the Harris presidency. But it made the majority of Americans nauseous.

Some described the Harris presidency as ‘an enema that flushed Biden’s Build Back Better agenda out of the nation’s bowel, if only temporarily.’ Others insisted that when they see or hear Kamala Harris, the first word that comes to mind is ‘polyp.’

Colonoscopies are usually dreaded, involve a lot of crap, nobody likes them, and are best handled with the help of anesthesia. Amazingly, those traits perfectly describe living under a Kamala Harris presidency. For these reasons, 84% of those polled today said they’d rather undergo a full anal exam than have a President Harris again.


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2 Thoughts to “Americans Liken Kamala Harris 1-Hour Presidency To Getting A Colonoscopy

  1. Wait a minute. My doctor told me that the last colonoscopy that I’d be getting would take place when I was 70. Biden is what? 78? Why are they giving him one at this age? I mean, he’s already given the country a colonoscopy…but still I can’t figure that one out!

    1. E. Williams

      He probably enjoys getting them.

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