Anti-Trump Media Explain Charlottesville Violence in Pictures

VIRGINIA – If you’re one of those people who don’t watch CNN, MSNBC, PBS or any of the big network news shows, you might not know what really happened in Charlottesville last weekend. So, according to the media outlets named above, here is their take on the ‘one-sided’ violence, as explained with pictures of the event:

Here, a calm ANTIFA activist (in shorts) tries to give a white supremacist a hug, using only his legs.


Friendly ANTIFA gentlemen tried to have a spirited game of tug-of-war, until evil whites pulled out the pepper spray and ruined the fun.


These ANTIFA members meant no harm. They just wanted to dress up, hoping for a chance to get on TV and wave “Hi, mom!” into cameras.


An ANTIFA Good Samaritan offers to light Nazi scum’s Confederate cigar.


ANTIFA activist noticed a wasp on the shoulder of a disgusting white supremacist, but was still willing to help by swatting it away.


CNN: Counter-protesters approach Nazi car attacker, asking him to please not charge into a nearby crowd of protesters. (The baseball bats were only provided for cosmetic purposes)


Angelic protesters provide proof that President Trump was personally driving the Dodge Charger that killed Heather Heyer and injured many others.

This is their version of events as they happened in Charlottesville, and the mainstream media is sticking to it. So, if you’re a Trump supporter, we’re sorry that you’ve only now found out that you’re a racist Nazi. It came as a shock to us too. You would think we would have known this about ourselves already, right? Thank God for the all-knowing media!


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3 Thoughts to “Anti-Trump Media Explain Charlottesville Violence in Pictures

  1. See…if only I had voted for Hillary….NONE of this would ever have happened. We’d be living in a world filled with lollipops and butterflies. Kim Jong-Un would have been much kinder. Barcelona attacks wouldn’t have happened…and the seas would recede, temperatures would lower (oh…wait…forget that one…they already did!)…and mankind would be involved in one big hugfest. DAMN! Why did I vote for Trump?

    1. E. Williams

      I hold you personally responsible for the mess we’re in, Rich! lol

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