Antifa Rioter With ‘AOC Eyes’ Arrested After Posing As MAGA Supporter

AOC eyes

UTAH – A Antifa/BLM thug was arrested this week for his part in the Capitol riots last week. John Sullivan, faces federal charges for being such a dick. The young anarchist posed as a journalist and MAGA supporter as he incited violence among the crowd.

Sullivan popped up on a FBI watch list due to his ‘AOC eyes.’ The name is given for the look of “wide-eyed crazy” made popular by Congresshuman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

A doctor from the Mayo Clinic described AOC eyes like this. “AOC eyes is a condition that reveals a level of insanity. In all my years of medical practice, every person I’ve come across who has that look also has a ‘cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs’ thing going on behind those eyes. I’m not surprised at all that he was arrested for something crazy.”

“You’ve heard of ‘Bette Davis eyes?'” the doctor added, “It’s similar to that condition, but AOC eyes indicate a far more disturbed psyche underneath. The evidence for that is on display every time Ms. Cortez opens her mouth or live-streams on Instagram.”

Sullivan showed no remorse after his arrest. “I got the idea to pose as a journalist. I had the idea of posing as a Trump supporter. It allowed me to get close enough to cause damage and have it blamed on Trump. It was brilliant. Yo, I’m a very smart guy…which is why I’m sitting in jail right now.”



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