Apple’s iPhone 7’s Wireless AirPods Way Too Big For Human Ears

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CALIFORNIA – Apple revealed the newest iPhone today, and many customers aren’t too happy with some of the changes. The company has decided to “cut the cord” with their new “AirPod” wireless earbuds. But have you seen the size of these things??

From the picture below, one can tell that these AirPods will not fit comfortably in any human’s ear. If the scale in this pic is to be believed, just one Airpod is about half the size of a normal man. For someone the size of those dudes on Easter Island, these might fit well.

Realistically, AirPods could have the most amazing sound, but if you can’t lift your head when using them, what’s the point? What was Apple thinking? Is this some sort of publicity joke?

Apple fans don’t get it. Jason Hendricks, a hipster from Seattle, said, “I was so excited for the new phone, but those things are huge. Obama couldn’t wear those in HIS ears! And I don’t get all these people on Twitter saying they’re worried about losing them. You could trip over one of those. People should be more worried about falling or where they’re going to find room in the house to store them.”

air pod


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  1. I’m very sorry to have to correct Jason, but those ear buds WERE Obama’s ear buds.

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