As Biden Fails, Numbers In LGBFJB+ Community Swells To Record Levels


AMERICA – President Biden sucks, most of us can agree on that. His extreme suckage has even created a new social class. The LGBFJB+ (Let’s Go Brandon F*ck Joe Biden+) community is growing exponentially. Sports fans across the country sing his praises during games.

LGBFJB+ has begun appearing on t-shirts, signs, etc. everywhere. People want to feel they’re part of something. So, as the president continues to overreach and intrude more into our lives, those who realize how bad he sucks needed a unified voice.

The + at the end of LGBFJB was attached to cover possible letters that may be added in the future for VP Kamala Harris, who also sucks monumentally. Founders of the movement say that members were not born this way. Rather, their hatred/disgust of Joe Biden evolved over time.

The group is similar to the LGBTQ+ community, except members of LGBFJB understand that there are only two genders. The number of people in the LGBFJB community already far outnumber those in the LGBTQ+ organization.

However, there are differences between the groups. Those in LGBFJB are not fluid. They don’t move back and forth. They understand Joe Biden sucks, and that’s never going to change. In addition, those in LGBFJB never mind being outed.


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2 Thoughts to “As Biden Fails, Numbers In LGBFJB+ Community Swells To Record Levels

  1. I’m a proud member myself!

    1. E. Williams

      Same here! lol

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