Awards Handed Out at ACA Show for Government Ineptitude

WASHINGTON – As the American Music Awards were being handed out in LA Sunday night, a lesser known awards show was taking place on the east coast. The ACA’s, honoring those who have succeeded in promoting the disaster known as the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, were being attended by members of the media and politicians alike.

Winners congratulated each other on dragging the failing healthcare legislation to the finish line of Barack Obama’s presidency. The biggest award of the evening came as President Obama was named winner of the Con Artist of the Year Award for the 6th year in a row. Incoming Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer accepted the award on the president’s behalf, since Mr. Obama is currently traveling the world, reminding other countries how great he is.


The biggest tearjerker of the night came when a “Best What Could Have Been” award was presented, posthumously, to Hillary Clinton’s presidential aspirations. Clinton campaign manager John Podesta accepted the award for a drunken Hillary, who did not attend the show.

Podesta told the tearful audience, “We were so close, and we could have really cemented Obamacare’s future had we prevailed on election night. But, despite being in the minority, we will never stop fighting to come up with a better mandatory, ill-conceived, financially unsustainable, and confusing healthcare system that both providers and patients can hate equally.”

He exited stage left to a standing ovation. President-elect Trump has vowed to pull the plug on the dying ACA, so this was likely the award show’s final year.



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