The Barbed Wire: Newest Member of the Mainstream Media

TEXAS – With all the recent talk of “fake news” sites out there, and social media like Twitter and Facebook vowing to crack down on them, it’s no wonder there is a lot of confusion about the subject. Here at The Barbed Wire, we’d like to help clear things up.

The Barbed Wire is satire for conservatives. We make fun of progressives and their silly ideas and actions. When our stories get posted, the word “satire” is right there in the address. You have to try to miss it.

We typically embellish a current event or a person’s words to emphasis a point, while hopefully making you laugh. To most, we’re considered “fake news.” We don’t try to fool people but, with today’s short attention spans, many do get fooled.

Today’s mainstream media outlets, both on TV and in print, are putting out stories that Donald Trump is a Nazi, a racist, a bigot, Islamophobic, and too many other made up words to list here. See? They’re satirists too! Which makes us part of the new mainstream media! (Actually, we’re not sure if we’re honored or insulted).

But as the saying goes, “with great power comes great responsibility.” So we will be digging hard in the months ahead to determine if Trump really IS a Nazi. And as soon as The Barbed Wire can confirm where the ovens are located, our readers will be the first to know!!!!

barbed wire
Donald Trump congratulates The Barbed Wire for making it to the big leagues of hard-hitting journalism.



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3 Thoughts to “The Barbed Wire: Newest Member of the Mainstream Media

  1. No…if you are being called a part of the “mainstream media”, you should most certainly be insulted. You’re MUCH better than that!

    1. E. Williams

      Thank you, sir!

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