Bashing Trump, Democrat Ana Navarro Uses N-Word on CNN


ATLANTA – CNN contributor Ana Navarro, a Democrat who calls herself a Republican, let her Trump rage get the best of her today when she used the “N-word” on air during a segment on the recent Charlottesville racial violence. It’s unclear at this time whether CNN will discipline Navarro for the incident.

While criticizing President Trump’s public statements about the weekend violence between white supremacists and liberal supremacists, she called the president a “Nincompoop,” a clear microaggression designed to make Trump seem “less than human.”

For host John Berman and other panelists on the air with her, Navarro’s slur created an awkward moment. “I couldn’t believe Ana would use such incendiary language toward the president,” Berman later said.

N-word user

“There is really no reason why a Hispanic should use the n-word against a white. Ever. That word is highly charged and will only serve to further the divide in our country. As a card-carrying, closet Democrat, Ana should know better.”

Although nincompoop is a slang term that is very popular among today’s millennials, just like “that’s swell,”jeepers!” and “gee whiz,” the word seemed out of place coming from the always-hip Ana.

When asked if Navarro would be banned from the network for calling the president a nimcompoop, Berman laughed for 5 minutes and said, “Hell no!” For her part, Navarro said if Trump would just let media elites like her write his public remarks, instead of his White House staff, these kinds of liberal triggering events could be avoided.


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