Bernie Sanders Considering Lawsuit Against TurboTax For Using Word ‘Free’ Without His Permission

CAMPAIGN TRAIL – Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is not happy with TurboTax. The online tax prep company features commercials that have various characters reciting the phrase “Free. Free free free. Free free. Free!” This time of year, most Americans can’t escape the tedious ads for TurboTax.

But Bernie considers himself the ‘King of Free.’ And he’s now considering a lawsuit against TurboTax for overusing his patented free message. “When people think of the word ‘free’ they think of Bernie Sanders. Nobody promises more things for free than me.”

Sanders continued, “Look, my supporters don’t pay taxes. They don’t need TurboTax. And their repetitive use of that word in their ads only confuses my supporters and muddies my message. I’m afraid if I don’t nip this thing in the bud, many of my young followers may write in TurboTax on their ballots, instead of checking off my name!”


In their defense, TurboTax says their services are not really Free. Free free free. The website makes customers jump through a series of online hoops before they ever stumble onto a tax preparation service that’s even close to free.

“So, basically, nothing about our services are free,” a TurboTax spokesperson said. “In that way, we very much resemble the Bernie Sanders platform.”


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