Biden Announces His New Gangsta Name Is ’16 Cents,’ Psaki Confirms

16 cents

WASHINGTON – Joe Biden revealed to America this weekend that his new gangsta name is ’16 Cents.’ The president claimed the new nickname was a nod to the massive savings he had procured for the American family. Earlier, Biden had announced that, thanks to him, Americans would save $0.16 off the cost of a BBQ dinner this 4th of July vs. last summer (a Trump year).

Instead of celebrating the 4th this year, however, most families were huddled around kitchen tables trying to figure out how best to spend their latest windfall from the government. Biden spokesgal Jen Psaki confirmed the nickname during a press briefing.

“I’m sure everyone here is familiar with 50 Cent, the rapper and actor who happens to be a POC,” Psaki stated. “The president, as many of you know, used to roll with ‘Corn Pop’ many years ago. However, he feels that he’s lacked solid street-cred with the homies throughout his political career. This nickname will cement the president’s legacy as an OG. The cool kids will now refer to him as ’16 Cents.'”

Psaki told FNC’s Peter Doocy that Biden considered “Biggie BrainFart,” “Lil Leg Hairs,” “Ice Cream Boi,” “Clown Prez,” and “MC Gaffe” as nicknames. She said, “While any of these other names would be fitting, saving a poor family $0.16 on a BBQ dinner is huge. That’s like you or me saving 15% on our car insurance in 15 minutes. It’s a big deal, Peter.”

Makes cents.


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