Biden Appoints Mental Patient To Head New Thought Police Agency


WASHINGTON – Through the Department of Homeland Insecurity, President Biden is trying to start a new agency to censor Americans. The Disinformation Governance Board is the fancy name thought up by bureaucrats to disguise the suppressive effort.

Disinformation is defined as “anything that conflicts with a narrative or view supported by a Democrat.”

As the ‘Thought Police,’ the agency will determine what is and isn’t acceptable for you to see or hear. Normally, Americans don’t associate the words ‘Biden’ and ‘thought’ together. So it makes perfect sense that the president would appoint a mental patient to head the new agency.

Nina Jankowicz, a 30-something who belongs in a mental institution, is the whack-job picked to lead Biden’s censorship department. She’s released cringe-worthy videos of her deranged views on free speech. In one, she channels Mary Poppins to sing her take on disinformation.

This lunatic should not be anywhere near a position of authority. While it’s true she’s DISturbed, DISgusting, and DIStrustful, this doesn’t make her an expert on disinformation.

On picking Jankowicz for the role, Biden said, “In the past, we had mental institutions where crazy people were locked away. Separated from society. Since most asylums have closed down, we mental patients now run for Congress or find work elsewhere with the government. From there, we can implement policies we dream up that will drag society down to our level. Crazy ideas like trans and gender madness, climate change, having open borders, Fentanyl for everyone, and yes, even disinformation. These are all ideas we used to freely discuss behind the walls of insane asylums, but now we share our crazy with the world.”


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2 Thoughts to “Biden Appoints Mental Patient To Head New Thought Police Agency

  1. She is an absolute nut case, straight out of central casting for creepy, dystopian government bureaucrat.

    1. E. Williams

      Word. This must be stopped!

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