Biden Exposes Dems As Chump-A-Phobes During Small Rally


PENNSYLVANIA – Presidential candidate is spilling dirty little secrets about his party at his few public appearances. This weekend, he called Trump supporters ‘chumps.’ And he’s clearly worried about them.

Speaking from the Great Pumpkin Patch to a small gathering of scarecrows, he said, “What do we as Democrats do to someone who doesn’t agree with our views? That’s right. We name-call. Because that’s all we’ve got. But it’s worked well for us so far!

We shame them into surrendering to our position. I love how we just add ‘phobe’ to anything and it gives the term such power. At least, we think it does. Hey, can somebody shut up those chumps back there?!” Biden was referring to Trump supporters who were making noise in the background.

Mayor McSquinty spewing malarkey.

Of course, like Hillary Clinton’s ‘Deplorables’ label, Trump supporters have embraced the ‘Chumps’ name. It’s a badge of honor for them. No whining, crying, or property damage from them. #ChumpsForTrump

But besides outing his party as chump-a-phobes, Biden was caught on a hot mic calling Trump supporters other names as well. He told an aide that Trump supporters were a bunch of blockheads, ninnies, numbskulls, and wisenheimers. That must be why he’s so popular with the kiddos. He talks just like they do.

We won’t know until Election Day whether Biden’s chumpist views will cost him support with undecided voters.


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