Biden Named Worst Comedian After Prefacing Every Punchline With “I’m Not Joking”

CNN – Joe Biden performed stand-up comedy at a town hall show on the network this week. Sadly, every joke the Democrat delivered fell flat. Even CNN anchors couldn’t save the floundering jokester from bombing on stage.

Most well-known comics cited his technique as the reason for his poor showing. “You can’t start every joke with ‘Seriously, I’m not joking…,’ before you deliver the punchline,” Jerry Seinfeld said. “It confuses the audience. They don’t know if you’re playing it straight, the joke’s on them, or what.”

Comedian Kevin Hart shouted, “You never begin a joke by saying ‘I’m not joking!’ What kind of amateur-hour crap is that?! Do better, Joe. Damn!”

Biden’s set was a disaster. He told CNN’s studio audience jokes about his lame foreign policy, gun violence, vaccines, voting rights, climate change, and other topics. Every time, he ruined the moment with his trademark “I’m not joking” phrase.

I'm not joking

The Comic-in-Chief stumbled through his entire routine, losing his train of thought, stammering, and appearing completely out of his element. At one point, Biden even heckled himself. Without Kamala Harris and her cackle to save him, it was a sad performance from the aging politician.

The only laugh Joe got from the audience was when he referred to son Hunter as “the artist of choice among those looking to decorate their crack houses.” He wasn’t joking.


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