Biden On Napping Through Climate Summit: They Can’t See Me Sleeping If My Eyes Are Closed


GLASGOW – American President Joe Biden was photographed sleeping during the climate summit this week in Scotland. Fortunately, his mask concealed his drooling during these multiple naps. The White House immediately went into full spin control.

Biden himself was overheard telling an aide, “They can’t see me sleeping if my eyes are closed. That’s right, man. I’m always one step ahead of ’em.” And the media was ready to offer their defense for why it ‘may have appeared as though the president was momentarily resting his eyes.’

NBC News said, “Despite attacks from the right, the president was clearly resting up before he saves the world from climate Armageddon.” A CBS reporter stated, “It appeared to us that President Biden was working out some advanced calculus formulas, or possibly figuring out an algorithm that can save the planet, during these moments of intense concentration.”

Fox News’ Peter Doocy had a different take. “In President Brandon’s defense, I talked to a sleep expert who told me that a climate summit is probably the best place to catch some zzzzzz’s.’ In fact, they said they were more amazed by how many attendees managed to stay awake during the boring speeches from world leaders.”

Joe slammed the leaders of China, Russia, and Saudi Arabia for not ‘at least showing up, even if just to nap through the summit.’ NewsMax reminded its viewers that President Biden routinely sleeps through all “existential crisis” – like Afghanistan, the US southern border, and the pandemic.

Wake Up, Brandon!


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