Biden Promises To Rescue Any Americans Stuck In Ukraine With Seal Team Brandon

Seal Team Brandon

WASHINGTON – Joe Biden’s Afghanistan exit last year set the gold standard for evacuation efforts from a war-torn country. He’ll tell you that himself. So, as war seems inevitable between Russia and Ukraine, the time for Americans to get out of Ukraine is now.

Acting President Jen Psaki, the one who ultimately tells us what Joe meant to say, explained today. “We are telling all Americans in Ukraine, and their families, to leave Ukraine now. We have no idea how to handle this Russian aggression. But, there is hope. Joe Biden, our mastermind behind the flawless evacuation from Afghanistan, has a plan.”

Should any Americans not get out of Ukraine in time, Biden has promised to send in ‘Seal Team Brandon.’ Seal Team Brandon is an elite team of incompetent bureaucrats handpicked by Joe himself. They’ll be sent in to make matters worse. Making things worse has long been the Biden creed.

Psaki encouraged Americans in Ukraine to book flights out of the country ASAP. “If airlines tell you flights are full, keep trying. There are always extra seats available hanging onto the wings or landing gear. Be persistent. Bribes go a long way in that part of the world. Either that or begin brushing up on your Russian. Good luck to you all.”


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  1. All Biden needs to do to win in Ukraine is put Anthony Fauci in charge of the operation. He’ll get it done just like he got it done with COVID….oh….wait….NEVER MIND!

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