Biden Proposes Raiding The Human Fund, Using Carbon Credits To Pay For Trillions In Spending

human fund

WASHINGTON – President Joe Biden, also known as ‘Go Brandon,’ is one sharp cookie. He thinks he may have found a way to get approval for his insane spending agenda – without raising taxes on citizens. He floated his idea at an event this week in Michigan.

“Folks, let me tell ya. I think I’ve got this funding thing all figured out. They told me not to talk about this, but I’m so excited about it that I just have to tell you. Now, people on the other side of the aisle are all hung up on how we’re gonna pay for all these social programs and infrastructure.

But, it’s really easy. (Whispering into microphone) We raid The Human Fund and make up the difference with carbon credits. See? Done. Problem solved! You all remember the Human Fund, founded by George Costanza some 25 years ago. Costanza was a kick ass philanthropist, far ahead of his time. Anyway, that fund has just been sitting around, growing, all these years. Nobody’s gonna miss it if we take it. It’s money for people, for God’s sake! And then we’ll make up the balance by paying with carbon credits. Those are simply made up as part of our climate Ponzi scheme anyway. So you see? We can do this. We just need to work together to get it done. Thank you.”

The president has long been a fan of Costanza and claims to share many of the Seinfeld character’s traits.


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