Biden Puts Kamala Harris In Charge Of Screwing Up Border Crisis Even More

border crisis

WASHINGTON – VP Kamala Harris has been given her first major assignment in what will be a long list of future failures. Joe Biden today tapped Harris to be in charge of further screwing up his ongoing border/immigration crisis.

“If anybody can make a bigger cluster out of our current border situation, it’s Kamala,” Biden told reporters. “I’ve already laid the ground work for totally screwing the pooch on our immigration problem, and nobody knows more about things getting laid than she does. I have full confidence in her ability to solve this issue, due to her total lack of ever solving a major problem in her life. Thank you.”

Harris issued a statement this afternoon echoing her boss’s confidence in her: “I have no idea what I’ll do or where I’ll start!” she said, laughing. “Frankly, I’m more focused with our midterm elections next year than I am those people down there. But even if I don’t solve the problem, it’ll look good on the resume, am I right?” (again with the laughing)

Kamala said her first idea is to register all illegals at the border as Democrats, and send them back home. Then, in future elections, we’ll mail ballots to each of them in their countries of origin and they can mail them back for free. That way, we still get their votes, but they’re not here where we have to take care of them. “It’s the best of both worlds!” she exclaimed……..while still laughing. My God, the woman never stops cackling.

We can’t wait to see how her incompetence plays out.


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3 Thoughts to “Biden Puts Kamala Harris In Charge Of Screwing Up Border Crisis Even More

  1. Gosh I just can’t stand that woman. What am I gonna do when she becomes President? Not that she isn’t already….

    1. E. Williams

      The satire will write itself then. It kinda does already.

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