Biden: Texans Can Achieve Unity By Huddling Together For Warmth

WASHINGTON – President Joe Biden always says he’s going to bring America together. The so-called Great Healing. He has no ideas on how to make that a reality, but that never matters.

But as millions of Texans shiver through another frigid day without power and water, Biden sees an angle. He says that Texans being forced to huddle together just to keep warm is promoting unity.

“When you’re freezing your balls off, you don’t care if the people next to you, keeping you warm, are Republicans or Democrats,” Joe told MSNBC. “By ignoring the state of Texas during this tough time, I’m actually doing them a favor.”

“When you call in every favor just to find somebody you can stay with who has electricity and water, you don’t care how they voted. When your lips are blue from days without heat, you don’t care who started the fire in the garbage can. You just want to be around it. That’s unity, folks.”

No, that’s cold.

Biden spokesgal Jen Psaki told reporters today, “The wind turbines in west Texas have not been turning during this arctic outbreak. That’s because they run on unity. When Texans start coming together under Joe’s new socialist utopia, those windmills will start cranking out lots of power again.”



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