Biden Variant Responsible For Spike In Death Rates In Afghanistan

Biden variant

KABUL – A new strain of COVID-19 is currently wreaking havoc across Afghanistan. The Biden Variant is the latest version of the CoroNoDontBlameUs virus, which has resulted in a sharp spike in innocent deaths in the region.

The Biden Variant was engineered by woke military leaders, and released on the world by US President Joke Biden. It’s a hideous disease. The administration combined incompetence, arrogance, corruption, indifference and stupidity to tweak the latest strain. The Biden Variant was then given to terrorists to serve as carriers of the virus.

In a press conference yesterday, Joke Biden insisted that he’s responsible for the new variant. However, he accepted no blame for the deaths his creation has caused. “That’s why we call it the CoroNoDontBlameUs, because we didn’t do anything wrong.” Biden then took questions from a list of reporters he was given by the ‘Tollybon.’

When Fox News’ Peter Doocy asked about the loss of 13 US military personnel earlier in the day due to his creation, Joke lowered his head. He kept it lowered until he finished a particularly stubborn bowel movement. Then he responded, “That was like 4 or 5 hours ago, come on.”

The new strain has a high kill-rate for those who come in close contact with it. Masks and social distancing won’t even save you. And the American president could care less.


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