Biden Wonders Why People So Upset About A Haitian Rodeo

Haitian rodeo

WASHINGTON – President Joke Biden seemed confused today after photos of a US Border Patrol agent wrangling a Haitian border crosser went viral. The officer is on horseback, and appears to be trying to corral a wild Haitian.

“I don’t see what all the hubbub is about,” said Biden. “Looks like a good ole-fashioned Haitian rodeo to me. What’s wrong with that?”

His spokesgirl Jen Psaki addressed his position to reporters. “While I, Vice President Harris, and many on the Left, are faking outrage over these images of made-up cruelty, the president is still wrestling with his official opinion on this matter.”

Biden said, “It looks to me like a young Haitian bronco broke away from the herd and started a stampede. Our (US) agents rode in on stallions, and hogtied the strays in less than 8 seconds. For a Haitian rodeo, or any rodeo, that’s impressive.” The president then hung his head and muttered, “I should’ve been a rodeo clown. That seems like fun.”

Rest easy, Mr. President. At least you became a clown.

VP Kamala Harris disagreed with her boss. “This is outrageous. My border policy is ‘All Hat, No Cattle.’ That means I wear a hat when I travel to the border, and no future Democratic voters are ever to be treated like cattle (followed by 30 seconds of cackling). I stand by that.”


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