Birther Theories Solved: CNN Confirms Kamala Harris Was Birthed

NEW YORK – The controversy over whether Kamala Harris is eligible to be Joe Biden’s running mate appears to be solved. Due to her mixed heritage, birther theories have exploded on social media.

Now, CNN has weighed in on the controversy and, like Kamala, is trying to but the matter to bed. The network’s Don Lemon confirmed Friday night that the crack research team at CNN has determined that Kamala Harris was indeed birthed.

“There should be no doubt now that these baseless birther theories are pure conjecture,” Lemon told viewers. “Our reporters have consulted Twitter for the facts, and confirmed that Senator Harris was birthed.”


Anchor Chris Cuomo echoed Lemon’s reporting. “We’ve determined that not only was Senator Harris birthed, but she came out of the womb ‘heels up,’ also considered a breech birth. It’s time, once and for all, for the Right to stop perpetuating these birther theories.”

When asked if it’s true that Ms. Harris slept her way to the second spot on the Democratic presidential ticket, Anderson Cooper said he didn’t care. “She’d make a fine VP or president. Because before making any politically motivated decision, she likes to sleep on it. And who am I to judge?”


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