Black Lives Matter: “Most Racist Super Bowl Ever”

HOUSTON – Ever the ones to see race in every aspect of life, members of Black Lives Matter charged that this year’s Super Bowl was the most racist NFL championship game ever. They’re disgusted by the loss the Falcons suffered, and here’s why.

Deray McKesson, a spokesperson for the group, said, “First of all, Tom Brady, and his team in white, beat the guys wearing black (helmets). That’s bad enough right there. The Patriots also know good and well that Atlanta has a high population of black brothers and sisters. So, their disregard for that fact shows how racist their team is.”

“You had that white cracka Brady, forcing the black helmet Falcons to work overtime (oppression), and then you had a black man named WHITE – that’s just wrong, by the way – score the winning touchdown for the white team,” McKesson explained.

Confused white guy who thinks he’s black, Shaun King, said having the white Lady Gaga perform the halftime show was a slap in the face to blacks everywhere. “And to rub our faces in it one more time, the referee who signaled touchdown on the last play…..was number 45. The same number as Donald Trump, the 45th president. Conspiracy theory? I don’t think so!”

King and McKesson are both demanding reparations be paid to Black Lives Matter for the harm the Patriots have caused to the black community.




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