Bomb Cyclone and Other New Scary Weather Terms for 2018

AUSTIN – Meteorologists frustrated with the American public’s reluctance to buy into their constant scare tactics about climate change are hoping an update to their weather glossary will work better. Just today, as a nor’easter bears down on the east coast, media reports referred to the storm as a “Bomb Cyclone.” OMG!

Other new weather terms for 2018 will be announced at a weather symposium this weekend in Austin, Texas by Penn State glaciologist, Dr. Richard Allee. Among the new terms to be used in addition to “bomb cyclone” to amp up the fear factor:

Whack-Ass Hurricanes
Trippin’ Tornados
Stormy McStormface
THE Jon Snow
Explosive Cyclogenesis
Tactical Nuclear Fog
Wind Chill Death Nova
Elsa’s Revenge


Polar vortex, you’re so last year.


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