California Gov Touts ‘Apocalyptic Camping’ Industry: Fun For The Whole Family

CALIFORNIA – The Golden State is becoming known as The Stop, Drop & Roll State. So, as wildfires choke the West Coast with smoke, the governor is touting a new industry. Apocalyptic camping.

Governor Gavin Newsom starred in a new ad campaign this week, encouraging tourism from those seeking a depressing, bleak, and unhealthy way to get away from it all. “Where else can you lay under orangy skies without dropping acid first?”

Newsom mentioned some of the benefits of apocalyptic camping. “You don’t have to worry about wildlife. I haven’t seen a single animal for 50 miles as we were driving out here. You won’t have to worry about starting a wildfire. We’ve taken care of that! No need to pack mosquito repellent.”


apocalyptic camping
Newsom sang a lyric from a Cars song as he showed parents how they could even work remotely while the kids play in the ash and scorched vegetation. 

“And probably my favorite part of the apocalyptic camping experience? You get to see what California could look like in the future if my Democrat party stays in power. How cool is that?!” 

A smiling Gavin ended by saying, “Come for the ridiculous regulations and super high taxes. Stay for the orangy skies and acrid smell. The kids will thank you for it.”

The horrific fires on the West Coast have been directly attributed to man-made liberalism.


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3 Thoughts to “California Gov Touts ‘Apocalyptic Camping’ Industry: Fun For The Whole Family

  1. Crazily humorous! Not a fan of the wrong coast, still it’s depressing that things have gone so far out there. Nice job.

    1. E. Williams

      Thank you, sir! It is sad what’s happened to such a beautiful state.

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