Can Biden Maintain Such A High Level Of Incompetence For Rest Of Term?


WASHINGTON – In a little over six months, Joke Biden has set the new standard for incompetence. Past US presidents have shown incompetence in certain areas, but Biden excels in failing in every area. That takes a special gift.

But can he keep it up? Biden has wondered the same thing himself recently. “Look, folks, I can’t promise I’ll always be able to be this incompetent. Yes, I really screwed the pooch in Afghanistan. And the border. And the economy. And on COVID-19. This is world-class incompetence. Frankly, I’m exhausted. Do you know how much energy it takes to be wrong on everything? No, of course you don’t. Only I know what that feels like. I take that back. Kamala…..Kamala knows what that feels like.

I know she, myself, Jen Psaki, Anthony Blinken, General Milley, and the rest of the cast make it look easy, but it’s not. I’ve had 40 years to hone my incompetence. And my falling poll numbers prove I wrote the book on it. But I have faith in the people pulling my strings! And together, we’re going to see just how bad we can mess up this country. Thank you.”

The president then walked away without taking questions. He did turn briefly, gave the middle finger to the cameras, and exited the room. Members of the press corps thought it was one of the president’s finest moments. They described his remarks as “ambiguously coherent,” “vaguely sincere,” and “moronic, yet endearing.”

CNN’s Jim Acosta said, “I think he can do it. And I plan to report as many excuses for his ineptitude as I can muster.” Sounds like they’re going for a new low.


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2 Thoughts to “Can Biden Maintain Such A High Level Of Incompetence For Rest Of Term?

  1. I’d lay money on him staying his current self through 2024 if he lives that long! Senile people suffering from severe mental deficiency have a tendency to buy the farm rather early, and Biden is on borrowed time. That’s the only reason K-baby Harris agreed to be the Veep. She knows it’s the only way she’d ever get to sit in the Oval.

    1. E. Williams

      sad but true

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