Why Can’t A Day Without Feminists Be Every Day?

On March 8, angry, bitter, attention-starved feminists will assemble in groups around the country to wallow in their misery. While normal women will be going about their lives, and taking care of their responsibilities, these feminists will be protesting.

Why can’t #ADayWithoutFeminists be every day? Lord knows we could use the break! Maybe #ADayWithoutFeminists will be followed by #ADayWithoutWork, followed soon after by #AMonthWithoutPaychecks.


This day will be a vacation for millions across the country. Half of America is still celebrating #4YearsWithoutAFeministPresident, so the 8th will just be icing on the cake. And while this event might be a rather large pity party in some cities, strong women know these protests are a silly waste of time.

Whether you celebrate March 8, 2017 as #ADayWithoutAWoman, #ADayWithoutFeminists, #ADayLeavingTheToiletSeatUp, or “Wednesday,” enjoy the peace and quiet. And don’t worry, they’ll be back as pissed off, bitter, man-hating feminists on the 9th…..and every day after that.

So, on this special day, just remember this old joke – Why do husbands of feminists typically die before their spouses? Because they want to.




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