Chelsea Clinton’s New Children’s Book: “Heather Has Two Harvey’s”


NEW YORK – Chelsea Clinton has been working feverishly to finish her latest children’s book, and her mother, Hillary, has already written the foreward. The book will be published by Weinstein Books, Inc. and is titled “Heather Has Two Harvey’s.”

Chelsea said the book was a labor of love. “Being a Clinton and a Democrat, I place no limits on what can make up a family. So I wanted to teach young children that even if you have two sexual predators for parents, that’s OK. Unfortunately, I only had one parent who was a sexual predator. My mom settled for being an enabler instead.”

Clinton said she feels bad that Harvey Weinstein got caught for sexually assaulting numerous women for decades because, as she put it, “He gives us money.”

Her famous mother, Hillary Clinton, was proud to write the foreward to Chelsea’s latest literary gem. “When she asked me to write the foreward, my first thought was ‘Should I do it now, or wait days and days like I did to comment on Harvey’s scandal…..or Benghazi?’

“And you know, I just have to say, as the world’s leading champion for women and women’s rights, it’s a shame these women Harvey forced himself on couldn’t take one for the team. They need to understand that it’s only sexual harassment if a REPUBLICAN man does it. Stupid bimbos.”

Chelsea says the book will hit shelves by the end of this month and that all sales will go to an obscure charity called The Clinton Foundation.


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  1. My next door neighbor has the same definition of “family” apparently. He has a coyote for a wife, and a cactus for a baby daughter.

    1. E. Williams

      You guys are so progressive in AZ!

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