Cher Offers Home as Sanctuary, Tells DREAMERS “I Got You Babe”

MALIBU – Hollywood moonbat Cher is offering to open her home to “Dreamers” as a sanctuary to protect those children who arrived illegally in our country, and who have grown up in America, but remain illegal aliens. President Trump is hoping to discontinue Barack Obama’s unconstitutional DACA order, and that’s all Cher needed to hear to set her off.

“That idiot in the White House wants to enforce immigration laws that are already on the books?!” a shell-shocked Cher shouted. “Over my dead, plastic body!!! He can go to hell. I’ll open up my own home to protect these kids. I wish I could turn back time and hide them all at my house.”


Cher maintained, “I don’t care whether they’re gypsies, tramps, or thieves. Half-breeds? I’ll take as many as I can. I’m urging my fellow celebrity friends to open their homes to these kids too.” When asked if she would be allowing Dreamers to actually share living space with her at her Malibu mansion, the singer replied, “Oh, God no!”

“I have a large shed where my groundskeepers store all their equipment. I’m sure a number of those kids will be very comfortable in there.” Cher said any children who took up residence in her shed would first be checked for lice and must be current on all vaccinations.

“If I could just say one thing to those kids who are here illegally, and probably scared over what’s going to happen to them, I simply want to tell them ‘I got you, babe.'” After being told there are an estimated 800,000 Dreamers currently in the country, Cher said, “I can take 3.”


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4 Thoughts to “Cher Offers Home as Sanctuary, Tells DREAMERS “I Got You Babe”

  1. Mary Ann Kerz

    She’s just wanting some attention! She is an old has-been hag who is trying to make a comeback!

  2. You bring the hotdogs, I’ll bring the hamburgs. Bring your guitar, I’ll bring my drum kit, and we can meet over at Cher’s place and jam all night long. I bet she’d love that!

    1. E. Williams

      Sounds like a plan!

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