Close One! Joy Behar’s Brain Breaks Her Fall On Set Of The View


MANHATTAN – TV host Joy Behar is one lucky lady! Today, on the set of The View, the redhead forgot how to sit in a chair. The hateful host tumbled onto the hard studio floor as all the hosts were taking their seats. Fortunately for Behar, her brain broke the fall since she landed on her a$$.

Other hosts rushed to help the embarrassed Joy to her feet. She clearly had had her bell rung by the incident, and the other ladies asked if she was injured. Behar said she was fine to continue with the show.

Joy blamed the fall on mistakenly thinking she was being attacked by a gigantic bumblebee (see photo above).

A producer for The View expressed concern. “Joy’s not very bright to begin with. Backstage, we were all worried. First, for possible brain injury. But hey, she doesn’t use that very often on here anyway. I was worried about her speech most of all, you know, because she talks out of her a$$ so much of the time – especially on politics.”

According to show insiders, Behar’s a$$ will be monitored for any possible swelling around her brain for the next 24-48 hours. It’s unknown at this time whether her fall or the war in Ukraine will stand in the way of her upcoming vacation to Italy.

Behar has vowed to bill Vladimir Putin himself for the deposit on the villa she rented if he messes this trip up for her.


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  1. Joy Blowhard Is An Unfunny Fat Slob!

  2. Wait a minute!! You used brain and Bayhard in the same sentence!!!!

  3. It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person!

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