CNN Changing Name to ‘CNN Satire’ to Match Fake News Reputation


ATLANTA – Thanks to fake news pioneers Chris Cuomo, Brian Stelter, Don Lemon, Jake Tapper and others, CNN has decided to update it’s name to CNN SATIRE. The network believes the name change will better reflect the content of the product they’re pushing to the public these days.

Network president Jeffrey Zucker said, “We here at CNN hate the term ‘fake news,’ especially when it is applied to us. So we feel that this way we can continue to crank out questionable material, combined with occasional facts, and when called on a story’s accuracy or bias, we can hide behind the satire label.”

Smart decisions like this from Zucker is the reason CNN has a firm grip on last place in the cable channel news race. Don Lemon, considered the ‘godfather of fake news’ within the network after he was singled out during President Trump’s press conference last week, is pleased with the name change.

“This really takes the pressure off of us as journalists,” Lemon commented. “Most people already don’t know whether what we’re reporting is true or not. The satire addition allows us to walk that line without feeling guilty about it.”

Zucker says the network has already contacted James Earl Jones about coming in to record a new voice over with the new name. Look for a low, bellowing voice saying “This…… CNN Satire” coming soon to a TV near you.


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2 Thoughts to “CNN Changing Name to ‘CNN Satire’ to Match Fake News Reputation

  1. […] CNN Changing Name to ‘CNN Satire’ to Match Fake News Reputation […]

  2. Robert

    Not on your life, you’re walking right into Trumps trap. You must keep your integrity and report the news with accuracy and conviction.
    Let him rant all he wants he will tire because he has a tsunami of problems facing him in the coming months and years.
    He is a narcissist and self absorbed very thin skin. There is no one walking ahead of him throwing rose petals, he is not used to criticism but hey he wanted the job he needs to man up.

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