CNN: Don Lemon’s Friends Realize Being His Friend Was Hitting Rock Bottom

NEW YORK – CNN’s Don Lemon announced this week that he’s had to ‘get rid of’ his friends who support President Trump. He likened his friends to drug addicts. Then he told buddy Chris Cuomo that sometimes you just have to let people like that “hit rock bottom.”

Lemon has long been a race pimp who uses hate and condescension to bring people together. It’s a novel approach. Now, some former friends are responding to his heartless comments from this week.

“I was attending our latest meeting of Don Lemons’ Friends Anonymous,” said one former friend, “And we had a real breakthrough. The whole group realized that being Don’s friend in the first place was our ‘rock bottom.’ It was really an empowering moment!”

The group has a 12-step program to help members learn to enjoy life without Lemon. Each member also is assigned a sponsor they can reach out to in case Lemon ever tries to ask for their friendship back.

rock bottom

A man we’ll call ‘Frank,’ a recovering friend of Lemon’s, explained his journey. “I realized that when I decided to let Don be a part of my life…that was rock bottom for me. I was taken in by the whole ‘Oh, he’s on TV thing.’

The group helped me realize that it wasn’t my support for Trump that was the problem. The problem was Don’s intolerant personality. He’s one messed up guy. Getting sober from his BS was a blessing in disguise.”

Samantha, who recently celebrated 90 days of being Don Lemon free, is a new woman. “Everything’s better without him. My family is ecstatic and I’m happier than I’ve been in years. I hope Don will get the therapy he needs to overcome his butthurt and Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

Don’t hold your breath, Samantha.


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