CNN Furious After Trump Calls MSNBC Bottom of Fake News Barrel

ATLANTA – CNN personalities are furious after President Trump called MSNBC “the worst of all” when it comes to fake news outlets. His comments took place at a rally this weekend. It was bad enough for the network when Trump supporters made CNN reporter Jim Acosta cry at the event. Now this.

Their bad weekend got worse when the president gave the worst news outlet title to MSNBC instead. CNN has long prided itself on being the leader in fake news, and their ratings bear out that fact. But the two networks have been in a bitter battle for last place for a while now.

Anchor Brian Stelter angrily admonished the president. “How can Mr. Trump say that MSNBC is worse than us?! Seriously. Yes, they have Mika and Joe. Chris Hayes. Laurence O’Donnell. And those are all extremely lame and incompetent journalists. But we have Lemon, Tapper, Burnett, Coop. ME! We’re easily more corrupt and disgusting than them. It’s not even close!”

CNN employees lament the fact that if they can’t be the leader in fake news, then what are they? Wolf Blitzer remarked, “If we’re not the leader of the bottom dwellers, then we’re just another useless cable channel, like so many others. But we really suck! You can cut the bias in our building with a knife, it’s so thick. Has the president gone mad?!”

HGTV reruns and even Discovery’s Shark Week beat out CNN’s prime time shows in recent ratings.


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