CNN Rebrand: ‘Same Sh*t, Different Day With Don Lemon’ Replaces ‘CNN Tonight With Don Lemon’

NEW YORK – CNN has decided to rebrand one of its shows. It’s a change that show host Don Lemon teased on social media last Friday. Lemon announced that his show, CNN Tonight with Don Lemon, was ending abruptly that night. Dozens of his fans were thrown into a panic, thinking the host was leaving the network.

As it turns out, it was all a publicity stunt to gain attention for his newly titled show that starts Monday night. Same Sh*t, Different Day with Don Lemon debuts tonight, and the host promises most everything about the new show will stay the same.

“I don’t think my small audience will notice that much of a (rebrand) difference,” Lemon said. “I’m still going to be the same arrogant, race-baiting a$$hole I’ve always been. Chris Cuomo will still appear regularly to publicly kiss my a$$, and my ratings will remain low – just as they’ve always been.”


Same Sh*t, Different Day will continue broadcasting news only through the prism of skin color and gender, and all stories about conservatives will be slanted to make them appear to be the devil himself.

“I thought the new show title was perfect!” an excited Lemon proclaimed. “I liked ‘Broken Record with Don Lemon‘ as a rebrand, but got overruled. That’s exactly what viewers can expect 5 nights a week. Me slamming the right while propping up the left. It’s what I do best, and what my few viewers have come to expect from me. This…is CNN.”


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