CNN: Stormy Daniels Secures Release of 3 NoKo Hostages


THIS IS CNN – In the early morning hours, as President Trump welcomed home three American hostages who had been held captive in North Korea, CNN cut to the chase and presented the facts of their negotiated release as it exists in the CNN newsroom.

“We’re pleased to report that it was in fact Stormy Daniels who – having flown to North Korea on a plane that crashed in the sea – escaped injury, soldiered on to Pyongyang, and secured the freedom of these three captive Americans. CNN will have continuing coverage of both the heroic actions of Ms. Daniels and the search for the missing aircraft, for the foreseeable future,” an anchor told viewers.

“Now let’s go to despondent, CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta for more on this historic event.”

Acosta: “I’m here at Andrews Air Force Base, as we await the arrival of the three men who, until Stormy Daniels persuaded Kim Jong-un to release them in the last 24 hours, have been hostages of the dictator’s regime. And what I’m witnessing is a despicable attempt by President Trump and First Lady Melania to take credit for the release of these prisoners. We know that Mr. Trump would never have attempted to have these men released – they’re Asian Americans, for god’s sake. I don’t have to remind our audience what a racist the president is, so we know he had nothing to do with this.

I must admit though, as we watch the plane carrying the former hostages taxi in……it appears that this plane did not crash…..I just feel sick to my stomach the way the First Family, the Vice-President, and the new Secretary of State have swooped in to steal the former porn star’s thunder. It’s just disgraceful! I can’t talk any more right now. Back to you in the studio.”

“Thanks, Jim. Get some rest. And we’ll be right back, after this short station-break, with our continuing coverage of this truly historic event and what a true American treasure Stormy Daniels is.”


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