CNN Viewers Confused: “Is Russia Story BS or a Big Nothing-Burger?”


ATLANTA – CNN is having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week. And their viewers are too. Undercover videos, released by Project Veritas this week, have shown a CNN producer calling the Trump/Russia story “bullsh*t.” Meanwhile, network contributor Van Jones calls the story “just a big nothing-burger.”

CNN’s viewers are left scratching their heads. “Well, which is it?” viewer Brett Kaufman asked. “If the next person comes out and says ‘there’s no there, there,’ I’m going to kick somebody’s can down the road. I won’t know what the hell is going on!”

As a whole, CNN viewers are not that bright to begin with, so the different catch phrases being used to describe the network’s deception on the Trump/Russia collusion story is disorienting to them.

Loyal viewer Sarah Riggs explained, “I’m, like, trying to figure out, like, which is worse……bullsh*t? Or a big nothing-burger? I know it’s a serious story, because they’ve covered it more than any plane crash they’ve ever covered.”

Most CNN viewers are just hoping that other network personalities don’t add to the confusion by having to confirm the story is really a bunch of flim-flam, hokum, malarkey, hogwash, or gibberish. “I don’t know what ANY of those words mean,” Sarah admitted.


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  1. Is there any truth to the rumor that CNN is going to change their name to “NCN” going from “Cable News Network” to “New Cartoon Network”?

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