CNN’s Acosta Nearly Kicks Out Own Reflection For Being Huge Douche


WASHINGTON – CNN crybaby Jim Acosta is used to having people want to kick him out of places. In fact, just yesterday he had his White House press pass revoked and Secret Service denied him entrance to a briefing. Acosta had been a huge douchebag in an exchange with the president earlier in the day.

Now, the problem is hitting the reporter close to home. “I was standing in my dressing room, preparing for an appearance on a late night TV show, and my reflection was being such a douche! He wouldn’t stop talking. I was trying to focus, and he was being so obnoxious and pompous that I couldn’t stand it,” Acosta said.

“The reflection kept interrupting me! I kept telling him to shut up but he wouldn’t. And believe me, I asked him repeatedly. Finally, I called security to report my problem and to come down here and get this idiot out of my dressing room. They just hung up on me.”

Acosta claimed his reflection was a handsome man, very smug, and smarter than everyone else he knows. It wasn’t until Jim left the room that his reflection finally shut up.



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3 Thoughts to “CNN’s Acosta Nearly Kicks Out Own Reflection For Being Huge Douche

  1. And the libs are freaking out about his press pass being revoked. I think it’s pretty comical!

  2. If you took the ego out of Jim Acosta, there’d be this wet lump on the floor…kiinda like in the Wizard of Oz???

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