CNN’s Don Lemon Recommends The Unvaxxed Abstain From Breathing


NEW YORK – CNN’s Don Lemon is scared to death of COVID. He’s a devoted Fauci-ite. As such, he views the unclean, unwashed, unvaxxed masses as less than human. And if you’re one of those sub-humans, he’s got some unsolicited advice.

“I do believe those who choose not to get the shot should not go to the hospital if they get sick,” Lemon told BFF Chris Cuomo on air this week. “I also believe the unvaxxed should follow CDC guidelines by not traveling this Labor Day weekend. But I think we have to go further.” Cuomo nodded in agreement.

Don continued, “I am recommending that all those who refuse, for whatever reason, to get the vaccine, please abstain from breathing. Sounds weird, Chris, I know. But if they’re not breathing, they’re not spreading the virus around. It’s the least they can do.” Cuomo replied, “I hear you, brother.”

So far, neither Dr. Anthony Fauci nor the CDC has recommended that the unvaxxed stop breathing. Not yet. Insiders say Fauci is kicking around the idea in private, however.

Telling viewers to follow the science, Lemon said breathing is the most selfish thing the unvaxxed can do. “I know not breathing would make it difficult for many to enjoy most activities in your lives. But it’s the only way we can defeat the Delta variant, the Mu variant, and the deadly Trump variant that will return next year.”

Lemon ended his show by saying his solution really wasn’t that difficult. He instructed any unvaxxed who may be watching, “Inhale… exhale…….now, don’t repeat.”


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