Conservatives Announce Boycott of Activist David Hogg’s Sponsors

FLORIDA – Annoying, gun control boy wonder, David Hogg, has launched a boycott movement against right-wing talk show host Laura Ingraham because she hurt his feelings. And since two can play that game, conservatives everywhere have decided to boycott companies who back David Hogg and his brand of bratty activism.

The anti-Hogg boycott will hopefully end up shortening his 15 minutes of fame to 14. We’ve got your back, Laura. Conservatives will no longer be spending their hard-earned money on the following products/brands because of their Hogg ties:

Summer’s Eve Douche products

Haribo Gummi Bears

COOCHY shave cream


Yankee Candle

Playtex Diaper Genie

Axe Body Spray for Wusses



Binky Pacifiers

Lucky Charms


Baby Einstein Interactive Toys

Aquaphor Diaper Rash Cream

Kikkoman’s Soy Boy Sauce

David Hogg’s mother taking him to his next television interview.


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