Convention: Obama Tells Dems Nation Ready For First ‘Cognitively-Challenged’ President


DELAWARE – Former President Barack Obama knows something about making history. He became the country’s first black president. He also became the country’s first president to attempt a coup of an incoming president – by using his own administration to carry it out.

Tonight, Obama told Democrats in his convention speech that it’s time to make history again. “I believe America is ready to check another box in 2020. It’s time the Democratic Party take the bold step to elect the first ‘cognitively-challenged’ president in our nation’s history.”

During one part of his speech, Barack said, “Joe Biden will lead our nation out of the darkness of the last four years…..if he can find the light switch.”

He continued, “Many people have asked me, ‘2020 can’t get any worse, can it?’ Let’s show them it can. After all, who better to lead us into a new age of lawlessness, rampant regulations, urban decay, environmental fairy tales, and free everything that will be our new America?

We’ve already checked one box tonight. With our pick of the first woman of color to be vice-president, having that whitebread Hillary at the top of the ticket seems like a distant memory, doesn’t it?

And just between you and me…..we’re going to set Joe up with a command center in his basement that he can play with. But I’ll be the one calling all the shots. This way, I get a third term. And if I get bored, I’ll just have Kamala take over. Joe won’t know the difference anyway.

So please, join me in getting out the vote on November 3rd. Together, we can help my friend Joe stumble across the finish line as the first cognitively-challenged president. Thank you…..and goodnight.”


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