Corona-Styleless: Surgical Mask Fashion Runway Shows Being Cancelled


NEW YORK – Another victim of the COVID-19 virus that’s affecting our world right now is the fashion industry. As most public events get cancelled, the fashion industry is forced to call off upcoming fashion runway shows.

The latest casualty is the 2020 Surgical Mask Runway Show, normally held in New York City. The show features what trendy hipsters in Paris will be wearing in the surgical mask fashion category in the upcoming year.

“This really sucks,” said fashion designer Ophilea Johnson. “We had some very trendy surgical mask entries planned. Now, people aren’t going to know how to be stylish as the pandemic drags on. It hurts my soul to think everybody is going to be stuck with the drab masks we’re all used to.”

Johnson readily admits that her surgical mask designs won’t protect wearers from the virus, but they will turn heads. “And after all, isn’t turning heads what fashion is all about, darling?”


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