Cory Booker Has His Moment: I Am SPARTAPUSS!


WASHINGTON – During a hearing for a Supreme Court nominee, Democrat senator Cory Booker showed the world he is literally a social justice “warrior.” Booker defied the senate gods and released emails regarding nominee Brett Kavanaugh that had not been approved for release. This practice was frowned upon, even in ancient times.

“I…AM…SPARTAPUSS!!” Cory proclaimed on Twitter. “I’m willing to fall on my sword to prove that Mr. Kavanaugh is a racist. Look at him. He’s white!”

Booker fancies himself a political gladiator, though, like this one, he loses most of his battles. The emails he had hoped would paint Kavanaugh as a racist actually proved the nominee was against racial profiling. Oops. Cory had stabbed himself in the foot again.

I am SPARTAPUSS! This is Spartacus.

Senator Chuck Grassley said of Spartapuss, “For all of his huffing and puffing, he’s about what you’d expect from a beta-male who thinks he has a chance of beating this confirmation. Yeah, releasing a few ‘classified’ documents that had already been declassified, that’s true bravery.”

It appears that he broke some senate rules, but that’s unclear, since Booker only announced 10 or 12 times that he was knowingly breaking the rules. Finally, as he sped off to Little Caesar’s, Cory roared again, “I am Spartapuss!” Yes you are, Cory. Yes, you are.


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